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I dedicate this page to my father, who would have surely loved to Blog had it existed before he left us some 20 years ago. I seem to have inherited his desire (some would say: unfortunately) to express his ideas to anyone and everyone, in confidence that they are the most reasonable ones. Dad would have hogged the computer, and ignored the chores, like me. Huh, Dad! Right Dad? 031806


The discussion or debate is everlasting, at least as long as cognizant thinking humankind exists: What is God, where is God, how do we define God, does God exist? We can't see or touch God, but neither can we see Love (or Hatred for that matter) but we see it manifested all around us. Great Spirit, the Infinite, All That Is = God by any other name, the concept is the same.

Some choose to formulate God as a parent-like Being, All-knowing, alternately Loving and Jealous (which are not the same thing, but opposites) and outside ourselves, yet guiding our actions, exerting His will, and expecting homage from devoted and not-so-inclined, as well. But if God is truly so powerful, why would God need our worship? (God has no gender, so even if I accidentally say "He" I don't mean it.)

I submit that God cannot be outside us. God occupies no space, but is the Force that drives the electrons within our cells, that starts and maintains the beating of the heart - God the Creator. It has been said that "only God can make a tree" and this has certainly proved correct, for in spite of much trying the most brilliant Scientists have not succeeded in duplicating a Tree, a Flower, or the lowest Amoeba, save by using old parts, nor in starting Life but only continuing (or ending) it. But whether God started all life forms in one six-day (or six-century) orgy of creation, or has continued to create new variations over time, seems to me irrelevant to the discussion. Life Exists but we humans do not, cannot, Create it. We can destroy it, but that's another essay.

And God exists Within the Human Mind, or is the Mind. God must be the Force for Good, or surely Good would have died out long ago for lack of encouragement. God is the amazing Power of Imagination, of Thought, the Internal Drive that finds such Joy in Creative Effort (Real Work) and in Altruism (Helping Others) and in finding a True Friend (Love). Whatever we choose to call these forces - Life, Mind, Creation, Goodness - God seems as good a name as any. All these things that nurture the Soul by giving Life Meaning and Purpose are too large and good and powerful to be merely human, so to be Human is to contain the Divine - we need only to discover, exercise and nourish the Power. Recognize the God Within. You and me - we...are...Powerful! 032306


In this nation of Plenty, it seems that everyone (else?) over-consumes. Well I, too, shop when my cupboard and closet are full. How much do we buy that we don't even need! That isn't good for the body or soul! How much overpackaged, biopolluting, anti-environment trash do we have or acquire that we do NOT need in our lives? Make a list. 031806


A government's reason for existence is to do, for the good of all the people, what the people cannot or will not do for themselves. A government's purpose is not to bleed the people dry, for then it has nothing to live on. The government must defend the homeland and protect its people from attack, yes, but also look to the future, project the needs of all and thereby itself; fight for the sustenance of resources, and thereby itself; protect the commons from usurpers, wasters and overuse, preserving something for the future and thereby preserving itself. The Law must also be administered with an even hand.

A government that takes good care of its people and its people's future assures its own future, and one which is unjust to its people is asking for a revolution of some kind. How is your government taking care of you? What does the future look like for our children and grandchildren? Who will thrive there? 031806


If we have the Force for Good, what of the Force for Evil? I admit I do not understand it. I believe it is a vacuum, a black emptiness in the Soul that exists where there is no Opportunity to do Real Work, Help Others, or find Love. It is a desperation to find Meaning and Purpose. Doing Violence may be a poor substitute for these things but creates a sense of Power Over Others and seems thus to be addictive. This will seem simplistic, and is. But those of us lucky enough never to feel such desperation should not judge it, only recognize and contain its violence and when possible, open windows into discovering the Force for Good. 031806

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