Bill Gardner, Certified Arborist

What this Certified Arborist can do for you:
  • Tree problems solved and questions answered
  • Advise you on diseased or failing trees, on high-risk trees, on the proper tree for a particular place, or on any issues involving landscaping with trees
  • Recommend a qualified company for general tree care to suit your needs
  • Provide safety workshops on tree work, hazardous trees, agriculture and structural spraying, or swimming pool safety
  • Conduct accident audits and investigations
  • Design a safety program for your business
  • Provide free estimates, air spade service, resistograph, on-site inspection and diagnosis, lab testing of plant tissue and soils, water audits, advice on treatment and monitoring of results
  • Written reports available for legal matters

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            Man did not weave the web of life,
            he is merely a strand in it.
            Whatever he does to the web,
            he does to himself.

                                    ---Chief Seattle

  • ISA Certified Arborist
  • TCIA Certified Tree Care Safety Professional
  • CA DPR Pesticide Certification
  • CA Structural Pest Control License
  • Certified Ornamental Landscape Professional
  • Certified Pool and Spa Operator
  • ACWMA Master Composter Certification
  • ACWMA Certified Bay-Friendly Landscaper
  • ACWMA Certified Bay-Friendly Landscape Designer
  • IA Landscape Water Auditor
  • California Certificate Construction Planning Management
  • ASCA Academy Graduate
  • MFI Graduate
  • Advanced IPM for Urban & Industrial Certificate
  • Turf Grass Pest Control Certificate
  • Pest Control Technology Certificate
  • 37 Years' Experience in Care of Trees and Parks