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WORKSHOP DESCRIPTIONS                        

UPCOMING WORKSHOPS will appear on the CALENDAR page. No workshops are scheduled as this time.

MEMBERS: We are always looking to bring workshops/seminars into different areas and looking for organizers/volunteers to suggest locations and topics. If you have any ideas for workshops or would like to host a workshop, please drop us a line.

ADDITIONAL WORKSHOPS and CONFERENCES: Check each of our "Family Tree" of organizations on the Certifications & Associations page!

All our workshops are accredited by the ISA for Treeworker and Arborist CEU's !
All our workshops are open to members and non-members of the CAA. The workshops are run on a volunteer basis by CAA members and all active members are encouraged to get involved and lend a hand. Most workshops are held on a Friday and fliers are mailed to the membership 3 to 4 weeks prior to the workshop. If you would like to be on our mailing list, contact us by email or telephone at the numbers on the Contacts & Membership page.



Aerial Rescue, CTW
Annual Dinner
Climbing Skills Workshop
Cranes & Rigging
Equipment Maintenance
Field Supervisors Workshop
Fruit Tree Pruning
Ground Operations Workshop
Climbing Skills INVITATIONAL
Tree Biology Workshop



One of our industry's governing bodies is the I.S.A. (International Society of Arboriculture). The I.S.A. has two training programs; Certified Arborist and Certified Tree Worker (CTW). To become a Certified Tree Worker you are required, amongst other things, to complete an aerial rescue. Focuses on the requirements for the CTW such as knots and climbing requirements. At the end of the day you will be given a certificate saying that you successfully completed an aerial rescue. This certificate can then be used towards becoming a CTW.

This event is organized so that we can recognize the people who have helped at the previous year's workshops, review the year, socialize with friends, and have a bit of fun as well. The evening consists of a delicious dinner; a speaker who puts on a 30-minute presentation; slide shows; plenty of raffle prizes to be won; and always a good mix of people.  

This is a great opportunity to get a Certificate of Participation for Aerial Rescue and some vital instruction for those taking the WCISA Certified Tree Worker Exam, plus new climbers will get many opportunities to practice their skills and pick up new techniques.

We are fortunate to have in Northern California some of the world's best climbers, past and present. None of these climbers have become the best without learning tips and tricks from their peers. Gary and Jared Abrojena, Rhett Richardson, Greg Liu to name but a few of the high quality instructors.

The workshops are organized to accommodate all levels of ability. There are stations for basic knot tying and equipment inspection; stations for bodythrust and footlock; stations for throwline; and stations for more advanced techniques of entering and moving in the tree. Two or more climbing workshops are scheduled yearly due to demand. The workshops are limited so that there are no more than 5 people per instructor.

Also called "The Angle of the Dangle." This workshop will cover new rules for crane operations, actual in-the-field work with a crane, and advanced rope rigging techniques. Dynamic loads in rigging.

Demonstrations and exhibits by industrial suppliers. EXAMPLE: The 2003 workshop was sponsored by Cal Line and Stihl and hosted by Cal Line at their Livermore facility. They had on-site mechanics available to answer all your questions on maintenance and repair of chippers and stump grinders.

This program is designed to provide employees, crew leaders, supervisors, and employers with insight on running a safe, and productive business through both class time and hands-on activities. Topics will include:

  • Motivating crews
  • Establishing an effective safety program that stands up to an OSHA investigation.
  • One employers story on a jobsite fatality, and how he can help you improve safety and avoid such a trajedy
  • Safety meetings
  • Job site check list, setting up crews.
  • Traffic setup
  • Monitoring job site safety
  • Job site follow through: Finished or not?

Keeping with long standing tradition, this workshop has been offered by CAA for over 10 years. Organized for 2007 by Kelley Gilleran @ Fallen Leaf with industry professionals Bill Pramuk, Phil Evans, John Traverso, Brian McGovern & Roger Poulson leading discussions and hands-on pruning. Space is limited to the first 40 registrations.


Organized by members of the CAA. This is an opportunity for those at all skill levels from basic climbing experience to more advanced skills to compete in a low-key competition, without the stress of the TCC events. The goal is training, education, competition experience, and fun. You will also get to meet and see demonstrations by our top Western Chapter Champions and judges. Events include work climb, throwline, footlock and body thrust. Competitor T-shirts available for a nominal fee/donation, and prizes for the winners. Give it a go; we may see you at the next ISA National Championship!
WINNERS' CIRCLE (previous years' champions.)

This workshop was new in 2002 and very successful. We all muck in and do ground work at the end of the day. This workshop was designed to teach all aspects of ground work including running ropes, chainsaw operation and chipper operation. Included in the price of the workshop was a booklet on safe ground operations written by the NAA.

Re-instituting a way for members to touch base and enjoy a social evening as well. Members and associate members are welcome at any of these events but they will be spread around to different locales for your convenience. We will also need the help of folks in these areas to nominate a good, reasonable restaurant for up to 20 participants to have a business meeting. Call or
email if you have a suggestion! Dinner meetings are Saturdays mid-month as follows: Peninsula/June, East Bay/September, Central Valley/December, North Bay-Northern Cal/March.

"The Changing Face of Arboriculture."
Our profession is maturing in so many ways- we have a good handle on operational safety and basic tree biology, we have professional standards and ethics, and strong professional associations. Like every industry, we need to be alert to the social changes happening in the society of customers and influential stakeholders around us, and within our own staff and the pool of our recruits. Understanding these will ensure a smooth ongoing evolution and allow us to expand the market we serve.

Organized with the CAA Workshop Goals in mind:
(1) Provide current industry standards for the arborist and tree workers on the fundamentals of tree care;
(2) Provide means for employers to educate new or progressing employees with industry professionals; and
(3) Provide a means for arborists and tree workers to network new and/or old ideas to improve the arboricultural industry.
Limited participants. Features four hours of classroom and four hours of field instruction on topics such as Woody Plant Biology & Physiology, Tree Failure Risks in Pruning (How We Mess Things Up), Root Collar Inspections with Air Space, Annual Growth Rings & CODIT, and/or others.
2004 Photos.


A very big THANK YOU to our PRIZE DONORS for the Annual Climbing Invitational and other events.


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